The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Drytac JM26 Electric Cold Laminator

Published: 19th August 2010
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Cold lamination is a terrific way to strengthen your documents while also protecting them. You can even create visual aids for a variety of uses. One cold laminator to check out is Drytac's JM26. Let's take a look at its strengths and weaknesses.


  • The JM26 has a pretty good laminating width of 26.25 inches. The device is large enough to handle a variety of paper sizes (i.e. letter, legal, tabloid) so you'll be able to process both large and small items.
  • This laminator's rollers can have a maximum nip opening of 0.75 inches. This is wide enough to accommodate mounting boards so you'll be able to create professional-looking visual aids for different uses. You can even use foam boards, cardstock, and other thick materials if you want.
  • To ensure all your items look great, this device is equipped with silicone rollers that will evenly apply the film to your items.
  • The JM26 is a cold laminator so you'll never have to waste time waiting for it to warm up. It will also process your items quickly because it's capable of working at speeds topping 18 feet per minute.
  • If you're concerned about safety, you'll like working with the JM26. Since it's a cold laminator, there's very little chance of getting burned. There's also a safety stop that kicks in when the machine detects that your hands are too close to the rollers. That makes this machine great for environments in which safety is a top priority, such as schools.
  • This machine is very easy to use even for people who are new to lamination. The device comes with a foot pedal that speeds up and simplifies operation while allowing your hands to remain free throughout the entire process.
  • The JM26 is compact enough to fit on a desktop despite its generous laminating width. Its dimensions are approximately 33" (width) x 12" (depth) x 12" (height).
  • Finally, this product is well-constructed and has steel parts for durability. It's backed by a year-long warranty.


  • The JM26 is unable to process thermal film because it's a cold laminator. (You'll want to make sure to purchase pressure-sensitive film to use with it.) If you need a machine with a hot setting, this definitely isn't the device to get.
  • This laminator weighs 53 pounds, making it quite heavy. It may be difficult to move on your own, so be sure to ask a colleague for help if you ever need to place it in a new location.
  • Finally, this isn't the flashiest laminator you can buy, unlike some of the devices from Fellowes and GBC. Because of its appearance, it may be better suited for copy and print shops, as opposed to offices.


The Drytac JM26 is a very good cold laminator. It's great that it's compatible with a variety of materials because it will enable you to process different kinds of items, such as thermally sensitive documents. Just be sure to use the right type of film with it and get a friend to help you move it. If that sounds good to you, check out the JM26 now.

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