Frequently Asked Questions About the Fellowes EXL 45-2 Laminator

Published: 30th March 2011
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People always have questions about document finishing machines and supplies. This is especially true when it comes to pouch laminators. We get a lot of questions about the Fellowes EXL 45-2 which is one of the smallest laminators on the market. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this product as well as answers so you can determine if this is the right device for you.

  • How big is this laminator? I need something that can help laminate small items. The EXL 45-2 is a very small laminator that measures 3.25" (height) x 11.5" (width) x 5.5" (depth). It has a feed opening that's 4.5" wide which makes it the ideal device if you need to work with bookmarks, name tags, index cards, and so on.

  • I need something that will provide me with quick results. How long does the EXL 45-2 take to warm up? This machine only requires 5 minutes to heat up. Once it's ready to go, you'll be able to laminate small items in less than one minute. (The speed cannot be adjusted but for this type of unit, it's a non-issue.) This is definitely a device that will help you get your work done quickly.

  • How many heat settings does this laminator have? The EXL 45-2 has three temperature settings and it's compatible with laminating film that's 5 mil thick. This device even has a cold setting so you can use self-adhesive film for thermally sensitive documents. All together, this is a very versatile machine despite its diminutive size. It even has an automatic shutoff feature that helps prevent the motor from overheating.

  • Do I need to use a carrier with this laminator? No. Using a carrier isn't necessary when laminating with this device. However, you should consider using one anyway because it will keep the interior of the unit from becoming coated with melted adhesive. This will prolong the life of the laminator so you won't need to replace it anytime soon.

  • Is this machine better for home or office use? It's suitable for both. The EXL 45-2 can give you great results whether you're using it at home for personal projects or at work for professional purposes. Also, since it's so small, you can easily take it with you if the need arises.

  • Is the EXL 45-2 expensive? I'm on a tight budget and need something that's affordable. I'd also like something with a good warranty, if possible. You're in luck because the EXL 45-2 is available for well under $100.00. That's a great price especially since it's a Fellowes product and Fellowes is known for producing high-quality office machines. As far as the warranty is concerned, you have coverage for two years. It doesn't get much better than that.

Hopefully these questions and answers have provided you with all of the information you need to decide if the Fellowes EXL 45-2 is the right device for you. It really is a great little laminator, so be sure to take a look at it, especially if you work with a lot of smaller materials. Good luck and happy laminating!

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