Do You Need A Multimedia Shredder?

Published: 10th March 2011
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In any office, a paper shredder has become a necessary, even legally required, piece of equipment. Not having one could pose a security risk. But what about a multimedia shredder? While they are convenient, not every office needs one. Read on to figure out if one is right for your office.

  • What business are you in? Generic office shredding doesn't require the secure disposal of disks and other media on a daily basis. Confidential waste is most likely to be paper. However, some companies create CDs or other media formats containing customer projects or information. Any extras should be properly destroyed to protect the customer. In addition, mistakes are sometimes made and require swift disposal. Any business routinely handling disks or tape with privileged information should invest in a multimedia device.

  • Will your needs change in the near future? If you think your office doesn't need a multimedia device now, think about where your company is heading. Do you foresee switching over to a different file storage? Will you soon need to destroy backed up information? Are you converting VHS tapes to DVD and getting rid of the videos? If your business is going in a direction that may include needing to safely dispose of multiple media types, get ready now.

  • How do you store materials? Many people back up information on CDs or DVDs in case of emergency. However, some storage methods are becoming out of date. If you plan to switch to a more modern file storage set up, be prepared to safely get rid of the old one. You don't want to simply toss private records in the trash, no matter what form. Dumpster diving is still one of the top (legal) ways that criminals gain access to your private information.

  • Do you already have a paper shredder? Many paper shredders on the market today can handle CDs and DVDs. Since this is the most likely form of media needing to be shred, a robust shredder may be all you need. However, if your current shredder doesn't handle disks, you may consider investing in a specific multimedia device.

  • Do you have specialty items to shred? While disks and even 3.5" floppies are commonly shred, some items need a machine designed specifically for them. These items may include 100mb and 250mb Zip disks, 4mm DAT tapes, VHS tapes, DV tape, and LS120 superdisks. There are even machines created solely for pharmaceutical purposes to destroy pill bottles and cough syrup bottles.

  • Is it in your budget? Just as there is a paper shredder for every budget, there is a multimedia shredder for every office as well. You may think you can't afford one but you might be surprised. If you think you'll need one soon, add it to your expense list now so you'll be ready when the time comes.

Overall, the need for a multimedia shredder comes down to the materials you use on a regular basis. These models are highly convenient and can provide invaluable security for you and your company. We recommend you check them out today!

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