An Introduction to GBC Badgemates

Published: 21st March 2011
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The General Binding Corporation, GBC, is known for high quality binding machines, shredders, and laminators. However, their superior craftsmanship is also applied to ID badges and supplies. Their line of Badgemates provides a selection of ID making items as well as various holders. Here is a look at this ID accessory line of products.

  • Holders. GBC Badgemates offers two different holders, one designed for credentials and one designed for ID badges. Both are designed to display items up to 4" by 3". The credential holder offers a transparent front for a clear view of IDs or other documents and a zippered pocket on the back for convenient extra storage. The integrated lanyard adjusts for comfort and allows you to carry all your credentials hands free. The ID badge holders are made from clear vinyl and can be used with any lanyard, neck chain, or badge reel. Badge holders come in both horizontal and vertical orientations. A kit is available that includes everything you need to make 15 customized horizontal badges, including holders, lanyards, clips, and inserts.

  • Lanyards. These are one of the most popular ways to show name tags and ID badges. Breakaway lanyards are perfect for any business worried about safety. If the cord or card gets caught, it will come apart from the other half, preventing the wearer from injury. They are great for use around machinery as well as in schools, daycares, and hospitals where someone may grab onto a hanging ID. Round lanyards are an economical, basic solution made from woven nylon. They can be used to hold IDs, keys, flash drives or anything else you need to keep track of. Both types of lanyard come in a variety of colors and your choice of either a swivel hook or bulldog clip.

  • Beaded metal neck chains offer a sturdy way to wear your ID. The nickel plated steel offers a shiny flash to your look. If you want to wear this chain without the need of a bulky card holder, you may be interested in a vinyl neck chain adapter. This small piece allows you to attach a slot punched card directly to the 35 inch chain.

  • Badge Reels. Badge reels are a convenient way to securely store items close to you while still keeping them accessible. They feature a retractable three foot cord and a variety of colors. The Carabiner style features a miniature version of the popular clip that securely attaches to your belt look or keys. The regular style utilizes a strap clip to attach.

  • Card holders. At the end of lanyards and badge reels used for ID badges you'll find a card holder to contain the ID. Clear half card holders are ideal for attaching to a lanyard while keeping the magnetic strip completely accessible and have both slot and hole punches for versatile use. Convertible card holders are also designed for using magnetic strips and provide use with unpunched cards. They can be used with a lanyard or clipped onto clothing. The GBC Gripper 30 card holder offers a molded plastic outer layer with a silicone inner piece. They are smaller than other holders and can be used with any lanyard, clip, or badge reel.

  • GBC also offers a badge laminator kit. This is a great way to get started making IDs or name cards. It includes a small, badge laminator, five horizontal ID badge pouches and five lanyards. It is small and portable for convenient use wherever you need it.

Any of these holders, lanyards, or badge reels offer a convenient way to keep your ID badge, name tag, or key cards close at hand. They can also be used as a key ring or USB holder. Check them out today to see if they might be right for your organization.

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